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Assistant Director (Investment & Treasury)

Job Purpose

Under the guidance of the SUSS Investment Committee (IC), the Assistant Director will strategise, lead, oversee and manage SUSS’s investment directions and portfolios in accordance with established investment policy statement and strategic asset allocation.

Job Description

Leadership in Investment, Treasury, Cashflow & Endowment Fund Management and Leadership in Staff Development

•    Strategise investment programme appropriate to SUSS’s return expectations, risk tolerance and tenure, and seek SUSS Management and IC’s approvals for implementation.
•    Continuous evaluation and assessment of the appropriateness and relevance of SUSS’s investment programmes, and where necessary, propose relevant changes to the investment programmes that are within approved investment parameters.  
•    Monitor macro and market developments and the investment landscape so as to provide insights in relation to the investment portfolios. 
•    Formulate, evaluate and assess the governance framework surrounding investment programmes to ensure robustness and rigour in governance policies, procedures, implementation and adherence. 
•    Where appropriate, work with and assess the strategies, and ongoing positioning and performances of SUSS’s Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) and external fund managers and highlight pertinent matters and suitable solutions for SUSS Management and IC’s considerations. 
•    Where appropriate, formulate, evaluate, recommend and seek SUSS Management and IC’s approvals, and thereafter implement the selection of external fund managers and third party service providers. 
•    Continuously evaluate and assess the appropriateness and relevance of SUSS’s investment policy statement and strategic asset allocations, and seek approval from or update SUSS Management, IC and BoT in accordance with the governance framework.
•    Recommend suitable strategy for investing surplus funds while maintaining optimum liquidity for operational needs.  To seek approvals from SUSS Management, IC, and BoT in accordance with governance framework. 
•    Provide and maintain monthly dashboard on portfolio performances and status.
•    Lead and supervise team members on day-to-day operational duties and develop team members towards achieving individual career goals and SUSS’s vision. 

Job Description (Part 2)

Support for SUSS Investment Committee and Investment Committee Meetings

•    Ensure the continued relevance of the IC Terms of Reference.
•    Support the work of the IC, carry out or follow-up on IC’s decisions or instructions.
•    Support the proceedings of IC meetings, including but not limited to the overseeing of meeting schedule arrangements among IC members, SUSS staff and external parties, collation of meeting agenda and materials, writing meeting minutes and following up on matters outstanding.
•    Attend IC meetings and present to the IC and BoT, if required, portfolio performances, highlight pertinent market-related developments and recommend appropriate action(s), where necessary. 
•    Oversee treasury activities to ensure opportunity cost of funds is kept at the minimum while maintaining optimum liquidity for operational needs.
•    Manage and maintain good working relationships with financial institutions.
•    Oversee SUSS’s banking needs, including but not limited to, sourcing for and maintaining credit facilities, sourcing for or improving payment or receipt options, process automation etc.
•    Provide and maintain monthly dashboard on treasury activities and performances.
•    Ensure SUSS’s overall cashflow is optimally managed so as to provide timely and adequate resources for operational and campus development needs.  
•    Maintain quarterly cashflow forecasts to provide outlook and manage cashflow. 
•    Ensure the accurate and timely distribution of investment income across endowed funds.
•    Monitor the drawdown of distributed income for each endowed fund so as to ensure income adequacy to support donors’ wishes. 
•    Monitor market developments and advise the appropriate income expectation for SUSS’s positioning to current and potential donors. 
•    Provide monthly reports to SUSS Management on endowed fund status, income drawdown and income availability.

Job Requirements

Academic Education/Training/Experience

• Recognised degree and holder of a recognised professional qualification (such as Chartered Financial Analyst, etc.), with minimum 15 years of relevant investment or fund management experience, preferably with education institutions. 

Personal Attributes

•    Strong interpersonal, communication and stakeholder management skills.
•    Excellent negotiating and influencing skills.
•    Excellent presentation and reporting writing skills.
•    Eye for details.
•    Strong planning, problem solving and analytical skills with an innovative mindset, with ability to assess and evaluate risks.
•    High level of self-management and ability to work under tight timelines.
•    The ability to mentor, supervise and lead a team.

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