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Senior Executive (Professional Practices & Community)

Learning and Professional Development

Job Description


As part of the Institute for Adult Learning’s effort in enhancing the recognition mechanism for Training and Adult Education (TAE) practitioners, the One-stop Skills Credentialing (OSSC) is an expanded recognition construct of the existing Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) initiative that accords TAE practitioners with national level recognition for professional excellence.

As the administrator of One-Stop Skills Credentialing (OSSC), you will be responsible for driving and managing the end-to-end processes which include, design, development, implementation, adoption, maintenance and review of the OSSC initiative at the Institute for Adult Learning. You will also be required to support efforts in the professionalisation of Training and Adult Education (TAE) professionals, leading to a transformed TAE sector equipped with the relevant skills and expertise to support the SkillsFuture movement across different industries and sectors.


  • Support in the design, development and implementation of OSSC, which includes the construct, qualifying criteria, badges to launch, information toolkit, application and assessment templates, issuance of credentials, key work tasks, workflow, value propositions and benefits etc. 
  • Support in reviewing and refining OSSC overall mechanism to ensure that the initiative is aligned to the latest national and TAE development and trends.
  • Lead engagement efforts to cultivate collaboration with potential partners or other professional communities for cross recognition or partnership.
  • Mobilise leaders and influencers within the community to take on key roles in driving OSSC forward.
  • Facilitate benchmarking studies to ensure relevance and parity of OSSC.
  • Drive the implementation of the Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) which includes enhancing the value propositions of digital badges and alignment of digital badges progression towards AEP.
  • Lead efforts to engage and retain recognised practitioners through planning and organising various engagement activities, coordinating across teams to curate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or IAL non-certificated programmes to meet the developmental need of the recognised TAE practitioners, and identifying and curating assignment and job opportunities for the community.

Job Requirements


  • A tertiary qualification preferably in learning/training and development
  • Possess ACTA/ACLP/DACE or strong pedagogical knowledge/practice in Adult Education
  • At least 3 years of experience in training and development, preferably in Adult Education
  • Experience in supporting strategic planning, programme development and project management
  • Possess good communication, networking and interpersonal skills
  • Strong acumen in problem solving, critical thinking, logical and analytical skills
  • Be able to synthesis different disciplines and areas of knowledge and insights to support decisions, foster collaboration and continuous improvement
  • High learning agility, be able to work under time pressure, and be highly adaptable to thrive in a fast-paced, fast-changing environment
  • Be able to handle the work demands and deliver high quality work within the given timelines
  • An entrepreneurial spirit to do things better, be open to possibilities, and be able to navigate technical, political, and organisational roadblocks that can emerge
  • Candidates without the required qualifications but with relevant experience are welcome to apply

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