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Temp - Content Author

Job Description:


As part of the project team in rolling out a learning platform powered by AI and machine learning algorithms, the appointee will be required to perform data entry duties. He/she will be required to exercise good judgement so that the text and graphics are rendered satisfactorily.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Given a set of pre-prepared documents, perform data entry/e-authoring duties by logging in to a designated web application.
  • Look up references online where necessary to ensure that mathematical notations and equations are rendered satisfactorily with the LaTeX/TeX typesetting.
  • Size diagrams and graphics when uploading them, to ensure that it is rendered satisfactorily on the webpage.
  • Verify that the items entered are labelled correctly, and update/amend them when necessary.


Job Requirements: 


  • Able to work independently.
  • Meticulous.
  • Possess good judgement in determining whether text and graphics rendered are satisfactory.
  • A plus if the appointee has knowledge in LaTeX/TeX typesetting and/or HTML.

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