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Temp Research Assistant

Title of Project: An Exploration of Community Leadership in Singapore

We are seeking to hire a research assistant on a project documenting community leadership in Singapore. The research assistant will be responsible for conducting literature reviews and transcribing audio recordings of interviews. The research assistant should have at least a diploma, be responsible, timely, detail-oriented and pro-active.

         Project summary

Community leadership has always been instrumental in Singapore’s growth and development. Our forefathers contributed time, money and effort to develop various aspects of Singapore. For example, community and grassroots leadership have led to the creation of community centres spread throughout Singapore.

In recent times, advances in social media and technology have led to greater knowledge and awareness of social issues in Singapore and around the world. There is now more emergence of ground-up, organic forms of community leadership. In addition, the discourse on community leadership in Singapore has been featured in the news more frequently, reflecting the growing need for community leadership in recent times, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet, there has been sparse systematic research and coverage on grounds-up, organic forms of community leadership in Singapore.

With the goal of documenting the phenomenon of community leadership in Singapore, this project culminates into a book of community leadership case studies in Singapore. We have signed a contract with Routledge publishing house, and this book is slated to be published in early 2024.

In the book, each chapter will feature a case study of community leadership being practised in a formal or informal organisation in Singapore. The contexts of community leadership being practised range from informal interest groups, to grounds-up initiatives, social enterprises and non-profit organisations. The case studies being presented also cut across various initiatives and causes. 

Job Scope

1. Transcribing audit interviews

2. Conducting literature review

Qualification/ Experience Required

1. Minimum diploma holder / Bachelor’s degree preferred

2. Have experience in transcribing audio interviews

3. Have experience in conducting literature review 

Applications should be made to:

Dr Wang Jiunwen,, (9628 5012)  SR Nathan School of Human Development,  Singapore University of Social Sciences, 463 Clementi Road, Singapore 599494

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